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The top technology features of Mitsubishi cars

The top technology features of Mitsubishi cars

Mitsubishi cars are known for their reliability, fuel efficiency and safety. One of their best features is the technology used. Mitsubishi has always been ahead when it comes to having hi-tech features in its cars. Here we’re going to talk about the most prominent technology features of Mitsubishi cars in 2023.


Super All Wheel Control

The super all-wheel control feature allows drivers to set multiple drive modes based on various driving conditions. What this feature essentially does is provide maximum control to a driver, irrespective of external conditions. Some of these modes include:


  • NORMAL - Ideal for daily travels
  • TARMAC - Ideal for dry and windy roads and also for snow-covered roads
  • MUD - For off-road travels
  • GRAVEL - When the terrain is loose


There is also an ECO mode, which provides the best balance between efficiency and control.


All Wheel Control

This feature continuously monitors the road ahead and automatically powers the wheel based on how much traction is required in certain conditions. What this feature essentially does is to provide better control of the vehicle in challenging conditions, such as slippery roads due to snow or rain.


MIVEC Engine Technology

This stands for Mitsubishi Motors Innovative Valve Timing Electronic Control. This technology helps strike the perfect balance between the power of your engine and its fuel efficiency, thereby ensuring optimal performance at all times.



This stands for Intelligent and Innovative Vehicle Electronic Control System. This is an adaptive shift control technology. This smart system helps the transmission adapt based on your driving behaviour and conditions. This advanced electronic programming system studies your driving habits to deliver optimal performance by the vehicle each time you get behind the wheel.


Mitsubishi CONNECT

This is a handy mobile application which allows you to perform various functions using your smartphone. This includes ensuring your vehicle is safe at all times using your phone remotely, setting the cabin temperature before you enter your car so you are comfortable from the minute you step in, and finding your vehicle in a large parking lot in case you forgot where you left it. It also offers roadside assistance in case of emergencies through the Mitsubishi call centre.


Active Stability And Traction Control (ASC)

This is a standard safety feature you’ll find on all Mitsubishi vehicles and its core purpose is your safety. It consists of a series of sensors that monitor the traction and alert the control unit, which works with the anti-lock braking system to protect passengers while travelling in adverse driving conditions. It also helps provide stability on tough roads to keep the vehicle moving forwards.



There you have it - some of the most advanced technological features seen in Mitsubishi vehicles. It’s no wonder Mitsubishi vehicles are ahead of the pack. These features make them a favourite among driving enthusiasts.

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