New Outlander Gas and PHEV's Are Landing Weekly! Shop New In-Stock Inventory Today.

New Outlander Gas and PHEV's Are Landing Weekly! Shop New In-Stock Inventory Today.

Total Transparency

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Total Transparency in Mitsubishi Services At Steele Mitsubishi

Performing scheduled maintenance by Mitsubishi factory-trained technicians is important to keeping your Mitsubishi running optimally, yet also receiving total transparency in your Mitsubishi services is essential for your peace of mind. At Steele Mitsubishi, you can rest assured knowing your Mitsubishi is being given the royal treatment at every Scheduled Service Appointment

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Service 411

Have you ever wondered what exactly a Mitsubishi Service entails? Watch useful how-to videos right here, and find tips on vehicle maintenance, service and technology guides, and tire care information.

View Your Maintenance Schedule

Find all your Mitsubishi care recommendations for your vehicle, from oil changes up to major tune-ups. When you follow proper regular maintenance intervals you are helping to protect your vehicle's performance and fuel economy.

Service History

As a registered member, you'll enjoy benefits like exclusive offer, online access to your service records, and a personalized maintenance schedule. Alternatively, feel free to Contact Us at any time for additional information.

Owner's Manual

Need a little help getting to know your New Mitsubishi? No need to go through pages of information, find your easily accessible Mitsubishi owner's manual right here.

Warranty Information

Every Mitsubishi is built to last. Mitsubishi's warranty gives you the confidence you need to drive further than ever before. Find out everything you need to know about your Mitsubishi's warranty, all under one page.

Roadside Assistance

Should you ever need it, you have access to 24-hour emergency roadside assistance for 5 years. If you are unsure if you are still covered, or need more information, read about your Mitsubishi Roadside Assistance Benefits here.