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New Outlander Gas and PHEV's Are Landing Weekly! Shop New In-Stock Inventory Today.

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FAQs About Mitsubishi Vehicle Service

Visit us at Steele Mitsubishi to experience our friendly service and learn why our customers prefer to have all their automotive needs met by our dealership. We offer lots of services that range from parts, service, financing, and more. Make sure to stop by our showroom and meet our great associates, who are always ready to assist with any questions or inquiries.

Mitsubishi Vehicle Service

What does a Mitsubishi service include?

Mitsubishi's service exceeds those of other manufacturers as it includes 77 checks and adjustments. Those consist of an engine oil and filter change, air filter change, brake fluid top-up, power steering top-up, and a coolant top-up.

How often should I service my Mitsubishi?

Mitsubishi models require service every six months, including changing the oil and checking the mileage. If your Mitsubishi has surpassed a service interval for other systems, it would also need to have that specific service done.

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How often should I service my Mitsubishi Outlander?

You should bring your Mitsubishi Outlander for service every six months to have the oil changed and get a complete look over all other components. If you drive lots of kilometres, make sure not to exceed the oil change's interval and bring in your Outlander for service sooner than six months.

Is it expensive to fix a Mitsubishi?

Mitsubishi vehicles have an annual repair cost estimate of around $535, which is around the average for SUVs, and it is much lower than the average for all vehicle models.

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At Steele Mitsubishi, we support our customer's automotive needs even after leaving the dealership with their new Mitsubishi by offering a Parts centre and a Service centre. Our certified technicians have lots of experience and specialized training to efficiently diagnose and repair any issue that might arise on your vehicle.

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