New Outlander Gas and PHEV's Are Landing Weekly! Shop New In-Stock Inventory Today.

New Outlander Gas and PHEV's Are Landing Weekly! Shop New In-Stock Inventory Today.

Mitsubishi Innovation

Mitsubishi New Vehicle Feature Innovations

With continuous innovation from Mitsubishi, we at Steele Mitsubishi have been thrilled to provide our customers with the latest technologies to improve safety and daily commutes. With these new advanced features, our new inventory has incredible vehicles at a great value. We strive to create a pressure-free shopping experience, and our team won't stop helping you until you are satisfied with everything about your new vehicle.

Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV Badge

PHEV System

PHEV stands for Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle, which utilizes both gas and electric power to drive your Mitsubishi. With this type of vehicle, you will enjoy an environmentally friendly commute without compromising on driving range when required. Each PHEV vehicle will have an engine and a generator to recharge the battery for a more extended cruising range. Two electric motors, one upfront and the other in the rear assisting in driving the vehicle. There are two driving modes for PHEV vehicles that cater to specific driving environments: the EV mode and the HEV mode. Your vehicle will use EV mode as a full electric without gasoline for daily commutes, giving you an emission-free trip. For longer journeys, the HEV mode kicks in to utilize the gasoline engine for more range. When in HEV mode, there are two configurations which are Series Hybrid and Parallel Hybrid.

In Series Hybrid, the gasoline engine operates as a generator to run the motors alongside the battery's power. Switching to Parallel Hybrid usually happens at higher speeds as the electric power accelerates the vehicle. Then the gasoline engine maintains cruising speed while excess power goes back to charge the battery pack. You won't have to worry about controlling this system as it has an automatic function that switches between modes depending on the driving conditions.


S-AWC standard for Super-All Wheel Control, which utilizes front to rear driving force distribution, left to right wheel torque distribution and four-wheel brake distribution, to make calculations considering all the above to provide smoother control. The electronically controlled 4WD drivetrain has three modes which are AUTO, SNOW and GRAVEL. In AUTO, the system aims to achieve optimal fuel efficiency during regular trips and sends more power to the rear in slippery conditions.

For snowy conditions, the SNOW mode provides adequate traction to maintain control and safety. Going into GRAVEL mode boosts the performance of the 4WD drivetrain to overcome challenging terrain and is perfect for getting the vehicle out when stuck.

2022 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross S-AWCMitsubishi MI-PILOT Assist


MI-PILOT helps the driver on the road and mitigates driver error risks using radars and cameras. Assistance is available when you need to stay in one lane and cruise down long distances while also being beneficial for stop-and-go traffic. Between 30 km/h and 100 km/h, this system can hold a safe distance from the vehicle ahead, and if the speed is below 30 km/h, it only activates when a vehicle is in front. At speeds of 50 km/h or higher, you will also have steering control to keep your vehicle centred in the lane, requiring a vehicle to be ahead for activation.

This system utilizes adaptive cruise control and lane-keep assist to function. Overall these assistance features are ideal for long-distance driving, as they ensure your safety by maintaining safe positioning on the road.

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