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The MI-PILOT is an advanced driver-assistance system with a focus on single-lane driving. Mitsubishi Motors aimed to develop an innovative feature that helps prevent mistakes while driving. The company paved the way for driver-assistance features. Steering, braking, and acceleration are also controlled by MI-PILOT. The 2022 Outlander crossover SUV was the first vehicle to feature the MI-PILOT Assist System.

In the 1990s, they were responsible for initially commercializing adaptive cruise control technology. Laser radar detects the vehicle in front and maintains a safe following distance. This technology is now a common feature in many cars today.

A forward-facing camera is positioned on the windshield, and radars are located on the front of the vehicle. These items form part of the MI-PILOT Assist System.


Multiple innovative features are included in the MI-PILOT Assist. All-wheel control technology is also implemented, boosting vehicle stability for peak performance on the road. Safe, comfortable driving in all weather conditions is made easier with MI-PILOT’s steering adjustments. This feature helps the vehicle manoeuvre over bumps and improves handling and stability.

The hazards of long-distance driving and stop-go traffic congestion are minimized. The MI-PILOT cameras and radar facilitate safer steering, acceleration, and braking. The driver should feel less fatigue and stress in these types of driving situations.

Press a button to activate the Traffic Jam Assist feature. This technology increases and decreases the vehicle’s speed in response to stop-start driving. Traffic Sign Recognition can discern speed limits and adjust the speed accordingly. Navi-Link is equipped to use map data with the GPS location to adjust the vehicle’s speed. Road obstructions, curves, and off-ramps are all taken into account for the automotive speed alterations.

Lane Keep Assist is equipped to calculate the distance between your vehicle and the vehicle ahead. The MI-PILOT system can then determine the correct position of the vehicle within the lane. The Lane Keep Assist feature only works optimally on clear roadways with visible road markings. Snowy conditions aren’t ideal for this feature.

The MI-PILOT Assist works with the Adaptive Cruise Control system to maintain the set distance between your vehicle and the vehicle travelling in front. When the vehicle comes to a stop, the Adaptive Cruise Control will be on standby.

The MI-PILOT is a Level 2 advanced driving assistance system. The emphasis is on ‘assistance,’ not ‘replacement’. The driver must pay attention and hold the steering wheel at all times. The MI-PILOT doesn’t substitute the driver in any way.

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The MI-PILOT Assist system is an innovative way to make journeys safer while the driver still plays an active role in driving the vehicle. The Mitsubishi brand has paved the way in vehicular safety technology. We have a wealth of Mitsubishi vehicles at Steele Mitsubishi in Halifax. Take a test drive and experience MI-PILOT technology firsthand.

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