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New Outlander Gas and PHEV's Are Landing Weekly! Shop New In-Stock Inventory Today.

How to Prepare Your Car for Summer

It's always best to get your car prepared for summer. Just like driving in rain and snow in the winter can wear and tear your vehicle, so too can the summer heat and sun harm your car. Our team at the Mitsubishi Service Center is standing by to assist you in getting your vehicle in tip-top shape for the upcoming summer months. Continue reading as we share with you how our top service team can help you prepare your vehicle for summer!

Brake System: Brake Pads and Brake Fluid

This is the most important summer car care step; your safety is our number one concern. Your brakes will probably have undergone a great deal of wear during the winter months. The constant traffic jams and the perpetual stop-and-go are the main culprits. Our service team will check your brakes and replace them if needed. We'll also inspect your brake fluid levels. There may be an undetected leak in the brake system, which our mechanics can identify and repair.

Tires: Swop, Pressure, and Balance

The winter tires need to be changed to summer tires. Summer tires are made from a harder rubber which wears less on the hot asphalt roads during the summer months. Our Steele Mitsubishi team will change your tires and check the air pressure. Tires that aren't inflated to the manufacturer's recommended air pressure are dangerous as tire blowouts can occur when travelling at high speeds.

If you don't have summer tires, you can speak with one of our knowledgeable consultants, who'll gladly assist you in getting the perfect summer tires for your car. Our team will expertly fit your vehicle with your new summer tires, and they'll get your wheels perfectly balanced.

Under the Hood: Coolant, Battery, and Oil

Our mechanics will inspect the coolant levels and the condition of the chemical mixture. Your coolant needs to be clear. If needed, they'll top off your coolant and use coolant testers to ensure the chemicals are 100% correct.

We'll also check your vehicle's battery for corrosion. If the terminals are corroded, your car's battery will be inspected further for more serious issues. We'll be able to give you expert advice on whether you should change the battery.

Our team will give your car a thorough oil check. Plus, they'll do a complete oil change or top up your vehicle's oil levels if required.

Next Steps

With summer on our doorstep, we highly recommend that you have these inspections done on your car. The hot summer sun and temperatures can accelerate the wear and tear on your vehicle if you don't take the necessary precautions. Our service centre team will assist you with all your car maintenance needs. Contact our Mitsubishi Service Center right now to makean appointment. Our team at Steele Mitsubishi is standing by to answer all your questions and help you get your car ready for summer!