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2023 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross technology features - A closer look

2023 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross technology features - A closer look

When the new Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross hits the streets, it will be an example of what you can expect from the latest technology. That's because it has been developed to make sure that every single passenger is able to enjoy a smooth and consistent ride along with being treated well in terms of safety and comfort.


Smartphone Compatibility  

Using your smartphone is convenient with this smartphone LINK display audio system. You can use the system to make phone calls, use voice commands, send messages, or even access apps while you’re on the go.


Android Auto

You can connect your Android smartphone using this feature and activate Google assistant to use a voice-guided navigation system, get real-time traffic updates, send text messages via voice commands, and make phone calls.


Apple CarPlay

The Apple CarPlay feature is similar to Android Auto and it's for Apple users. You can connect your iPhone to your car touchscreen and handle it using voice commands. You can also use Apple maps to get detailed directions and real-time traffic updates. It will also help pull up your calendar events, conversations, and predict where you need to go based on your behaviour. This feature also helps you find parking lots, petrol pumps, and other facilities as and when you need them.


Heads-Up Display

This function ensures you’re always in control of your car, and you don’t have to get your eyes off the road. This display will give you detailed information about your cruise control and also help adjust the height and brightness of the information based on what’s most comfortable for you.


Sound System

The Mitsubishi Eclipse is equipped with a Mitsubishi Power sound system. It comes with eight strategically placed premium speakers to deliver supreme-quality music.


Sirius XM

If you’re looking to stay entertained on the road, then this 3-month free trial subscription to the Sirius XM platinum plan is something you will thoroughly enjoy. It gives you access to over 150 channels of ad-free music, comedy, sports, news, and more.


Climate Control

The Mitsubishi Eclipse ensures you travel as comfortably as possible with a dual-zone automatic climate control that allows passengers to stay as cool or warm as they like. 


Passive Key Entry System

This key helps unlock the door with one push for the driver and two pushes for the rest of the passengers.


Weather Features

The Eclipse is equipped to deal with cold Canadian temperatures. This system features a windshield de-icer wiper and power-folding mirrors to help you get a clear view of the snow-clad roads. The car will also keep you warm inside with heated front and rear seats and a heated steering wheel.



The 2023 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross lives up to its high standards and reputation as an innovative vehicle that never disappoints. With its cutting-edge technology and mind-blowing features, it will surely be a hit among consumers.

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